Business Consulting – How a Consultant Can Facilitate the Use of Organizational Goal Setting

The theory of motivation that many in the business consulting world find really useful in predicting employee behavior is the Goal Setting Theory. They believe that goal setting is an effective way to motivate groups and individuals. It seems natural to assume that by setting goals that are unambiguous, measurable, achievable, significant, and within a time limit, we shall be motivated to achieve our mission.

The elements of the theory most consultants find most fascinating, based upon they are personal experiences in the workplace, are the principles of goal setting.

For you, the idea behind goal setting maybe the motivation that would direct your behavior in order to facilitate success, and you immediately committed yourself to achieving those goals. Accordingly, you ensured that conditions surrounding the goals would not hinder the accomplishing of the objectives of the department. Apart from being intrinsically motivated, there are principles that must be considered in goal setting in order to be motivated to successfully accomplish tasks. This is one topic many consulting practitioners focus on in the business consulting arena.

In your position, you may ensure that a department was supplied with the material and human resources necessary to achieve success. You may have also ensured that tasks were measurable, clear and with a time set for completion. with the help of a business consultant, you may have established clear expectations and this served as a motivator for you. Another motivating aspect for you possibly was that the tasks were challenging; you may love a challenge and have risen to the occasion.

The Administrators in your organization possibly where amazed at how much you were able to accomplish in such a short time. You subsequently may revise your job description in order to bolster commitment to your work and enlarge the service of your department in your pursuit of excellence in service.

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