Business Consulting – How to Use a Consultant to Facilitate Communication in the Workplace

One of the areas a business consultant is used in the corporate world is to facilitate communication change in the workplace. When looking and looking to integrate business consulting with you in your professional environment, some criteria you need to look at in choosing a professional consultant is their experience, publications they have written, degrees they have obtained impossibly with a teach for universities or not in the specialty you are looking to hire an to consult on.

In a study on communication it was discovered that without it, the workplace would be a very difficult place to be. Researchers described the environment as “harmonious” when there is good communication between employer and employee. The article stated that statistically, 62 percent of employees do not feel they are well-informed by there superiors, 64 percent feel as though they are not involved in the communication process, and 68 percent do not believe the information they are told because of the previous two concerns. When employees do not feel as if they are completely and consistently informed, they feel insecure which causes a break down in communication and ultimately cause disgruntled workers.

The business consultant also assists in facilitating communication between employees. In a collaborative work environment where open communication is encouraged, a more relaxed culture is created. This effort has been viewed as one of the main keys to employee retention. In this type of environment you find workers who are more open and willing to speak on what problems may be building that management may not be aware of.

Also, it leaves room for potential problems between employees to be headed off before becoming too serious. For example, if a coworker seems unfriendly or distrustful, and the culture is an open one, management or another employee can feel at ease going to that person to inquire about what the issue might be. Without this openness, grudges may be held, negativity will grow, and therefore a little issue somehow becomes a huge problem.

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