To Consult Or Not to Consult – That is the Question

Ok, tell the truth. Don’t tell me you never thought of being a consultant if you are a full-time employee or unemployed. Let’s face it, consulting is pretty sexy. Many times no boss to deal with, come and go as necessary, travel to different locations, no office politics and great pay. Who wouldn’t want this job?

In this article I hope to provide some insight into the mystique of the consulting world having been both on a payroll and been an independent consultant with my own company. If I appear negative, actually just the opposite but I will point out the things you must consider first.

Question:  It seems a lot of people are making a lot of money going into consulting. I’m a little afraid to make that jump as I need a salary and benefits. What do you recommend?

Response: Having been in your position I completely understand your situation. I was independent for 10 years and the jump to that was harder psychologically than it was financially actually.

The question(s) you have to ask yourself first though are the following:

  • Do I have a truly marketable skill that people need?
  • Can I make enough money to make this financially worth the effort?
  • Do I have the ability to sell myself for my next assignment even when I’m on s or between assignments or do I am in a business that people will do this for me?
  • Do I have a financial reserve of 3-6 months for times I may not be working? e. Does my spouse or partner have the nerves to wait out the times I may not be working?

Let’s address these one at a time:

1. Do I have a marketable skill? First of all, it really doesn’t matter what you do… it can be marketed as a consultant pay by the hour or pay for performance role. I have friends that have turned their individual skills into very profitable full-time businesses; a machinist who turned his carpentry skills into a full-time flooring business paid by the job; a salesman who knew he could cold-call better than anyone else and became a fulltime telemarketer at $75 per hour; a manager who did such a good job holding people accountable he became a full-time business coach. Myself, I combined my computer, accounting and business knowledge to implement software systems and could bill over $100 per hour . It doesn’t matter what it is, it can be marketed and turned into a full-time business.

2. Can I make enough to live on? This is a trick question actually. Just as good a question is how many hours a year do I want to work or can work? The beauty of consulting is in some industries you can work 50% of the year and take off half the year. An independent haircutter though may have to work 80% of their time or starve. Remember that as a consultant you may not always have work. A carpenter may go days before the next assignment, a computer programmer may have to wait months between assignments, etc… Two things to calculate: can you live if you’re only working half the year and what hourly rate will you have to make to make this happen? If you’re not sure of either, a good rule of thumb is whatever the salary is you’d earn , then take off the ’000s and you’ll have your hourly billing amount. For instance if you’re an accountant making $60,000 per year you can probably bill in the $60 per hour range, give or take a few dollars. Now if you bill out 2000 hours, a full year, that’s $120,000 before taxes, insurance but that’s no vacations, sick days, etc. You’re responsible for all that.

3. Do I have the ability to Sell myself? Another trick question as part of this is can I get represented by a good agency who will sell on my behalf while I’m employed? If you can sell yourself directly and have a large enough customer list to do this you’ll make your full rate. If you don’t have time to sell, hate to sell or have no customer list, figure you’ll be cutting your rate anywhere from 30-50%. That takes you back to #2 above. This is the biggest killer of consulting careers… technical specialists who think everyone will want their service but they don’t realize they have to go out and find the business first until enough people know enough to buy their services.

4. Do I have a financial reserve? Face it, you probably wouldn’t be thinking of it if you didn’t have a job lined up already. The question is what happens when that ends and you end up in a recession, or glut of people with your skills, or your skills get outdated, or a new administration changes the laws making you vulnerable? You may have 3 – 6 months before you work again.

5. Is my spouse/partner supportive of this career? Some consultants travel, some don’t. Some work from home some have to drive long distances daily. Many hours in their free time are being spent doing the accounting, sales and paperwork that a full time salaried person would be able to be watching a movie. Besides the financial gyrations, the independent life takes a toll on personal work hours as well. Is it worth it? It very well could be or you may realize that your lifestyle goals don’t support the life of a consultant.

Think it through, read the many books, websites and attend industry groups on the subject. Once you decide to make the leap you will want to figure out your business structure; you will want to talk to an accountant about the tax benefits and consequences, how to invoice, how to set up bank accounts, etc…; you’ll want to make sure your family is on board and set time for each other; speak with an attorney about liability and insurances, and many other things. This is all another topic though.

No matter what your choice, you will find it a thrilling self-discovery and possibly financially rewarding experience that I think everyone should try at least one in their lives. A great by-product of having gone solo no matter what the result, you never fear losing your job again and that’s a huge mental advantage when you work for someone else.

My final advice on this: If you’re going to make the jump, it’s safer to keep your day job and do this part-time and grow it first. If that’s not possible, make sure there’s some kind of net to break your fall in case the jump doesn’t go as smoothly as you initially imagined.

Management Consulting Key Success Factors

Recruiters of management consulting firms hire applicants who they think will become successful in the field of management consulting. However, though the process they follow is effective, real success of consultants can only be determined at the workplace.

Potential Success Determined during Recruitment Process
Since consultancy is a heavy responsibility, recruiters ensure that they hire the most qualified candidate for their vacancy. They usually receive thousands of job applications per year, and it is their duty to determine who among the aspirants can do the job well by thorough screening.

1. Preliminary Screening
Recruiters primarily assess the knowledge, skills and ability of candidates through cover letter and resume screening. Knowledge includes evaluation of general educational background, GPA and grades on major subjects, and for experienced hires, their technical know-how and the tangible results they achieved. When they assess skills and abilities, they go through extra-curricular activities and achievements enumerated on the job application.

Management consulting

2. Tests and Interviews
Some management consulting firms, such as McKinsey and Bain, weed out applicants through testing. Some administer verbal and numerical reasoning tests but others include personality tests, too.

In the management consulting field, there are two types of interviews: behavioral (or fit) interviews and case interviews. In the former, interviewers ask situational questions to gauge the applicant’s interpersonal, communication and stress management capability. At times, this is done through phone interviews. Case interviews aim to find out if the applicant is capable of doing the main roles and responsibilities of a consultant. They are given vague problems to resolve within a limited period of time.

Indicators of a Management Consulting ‘s Success
While recruitment process is helpful in determining who will do well in the industry, firms only know the real score as soon as the newly hired starts working. In all cases, consultants are considered successful if they value integrity.

1. Quality of Recommendations
Consultants take the role of an expert. So much decision making hinges on the recommendations they give to the company. They cannot afford to make mistakes, so their advice must be factual, proven and customized to client’s needs. They know it is unprofessional to give packaged plans or solutions to companies who are undergoing similar problems. They must develop customized, executable and sustainable plans and recommendations.

2. Commitment
People do management consulting always place the interest of their client before them. This is the reason why they spend long work hours to meet deadlines, conduct research studies, brainstorm ideas and prepare presentations. They strive to deliver what’s expected from them by doing all possible means. If clients are satisfied with their output, they have a good reputation. They start making a name for themselves and for their firms. More companies will keep availing their services.

X Open Hub Review

“X Open Hub (XOH) is a liquidity and trading technology provider who has earned the trust of several brokers, since 2010, due to its high efficiency. This European firm is also authorized and regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).
XOH provides liquidity on thousands of trading instruments, allowing banks and brokers to boost trading volumes, reduce costs. As well as diversify and expand the stream of income.

Spreads offered by this broker are relatively low, with conditions being quite helpful for retail brokers utilizing Straight-Through Processing (STP) or Electronic Communication Network (ECN) technology.

X open Hub: Multi-asset Liquidity and Technology Provider Get multi-asset liquidity with tight spreads and quality execution on:

XOH has also developed its own multi-asset trading platform, the XOH Trader, which has MAM accounts, social trading, and binary options available.

The platform’s MAM capabilities enable clients to customize their offering without risking to lose the tools and features that make the XOH Trader an excellent trading platform.

Account Types XOH’s account types are offered in the form of solutions. This broker has three types of solutions for organizations and notable companies. Particularly: Forex Solutions for Banks, Solutions for Brokers, and the Forex White Label Program.

Forex Solutions for Banks This type of solution makes it possible for banks to further broaden their trading offering to clients. And eventually provide a better operating results using specific outsourcing approach. Banks can expand their market and instrument delivery at a fast rate with a fully integrated portfolio management. As well as reporting tools that would help increase profitability. Solutions for Brokers XOH has created a trading environment where third-party firms and developers will be able to set up an entirely different front-end trading system that’s based on its API.

This solution offers excellent speed and quality execution, along with three execution types, complete security features, as well as zero hosting charges. Further protection can also be installed if necessary. Also, flexibility is made available on markups as well as markdowns on group-level influence charts and swaps. Clients are also provided with a fully-customizable settings, reporting tools, and no security group limits. XOH’s front-end offerings are diversified through its integrated systems, including IB and MAM. Forex White Label Program Clients of XOH have the option to join the Forex White Label Program. The firm offers practical opportunities for launching an IB or White Label business and generating more profit.

The program enables participants convert their IB business or White Label into their own wholly branded and tailored brokerage, helping them produce additional income. Those who are interested, but are not an IB or White Label, can get started by using an express package which consists of a trading platform, an easy to use back-office software, and access to the highest level of liquidity available. X Open Hub Trading Products XOH provides institutional liquidity on more than 3,000 instruments including Forex, Indices, Commodities, Cryptocurrencies, Cash Indices, and Equity CFDs.

Forex XOH offers liquidity on over 50 spot forex instruments, along with advanced execution features and competitive turnover fees. Nominal value of a lot is 100,000 Minimum size of one pip is 0.0001 Available currency pairs include majors, crosses, and exotics.

Analysing crypto trading

Trying to use strategies to trade in crypto would be useless if you did not know how it works. To get a proper understanding of the market, you will have to learn how to conduct an analysis of the crypto trading market. This will be composed of two separate parts. On the one hand, you will need to learn how to do technical analysis. This involves learning how the charts work, using several different indicators, and spotting patterns. It is a style highly dependent on all the available concrete information of the present and past. Fundamental analysis is the next type and is a bit broader. You have to pay attention to multiple sources including the news, how a cryptocurrency functions. Generally, any information that can give you information on how traders may value a cryptocurrency. It generally involves more guesswork.

Technical Analysis for crypto trading
Technical analysis for crypto trading, as we have stated, relies on reading charts. Once a trader reads the charts they can start spotting patterns within the behavior of price movement. This analysis goes beyond simply looking at the overall trends (i.e. uptrends, downtrends, sideways). The entire history of a crypto’s value could be relevant to its future price. This, however, is dependent on what a trader’s strategy is. There are separate patterns for predicting short-term and long-term trends.

They need to keep in mind several components on the chart to accomplish this. They should keep in mind how both low and high price-points interact with each other.

Traders will need to focus on where the support and resistance of a currency is. The support of a currency is its supposed lower limit. The resistance is the supposed upper limit. Once the price reaches one of these boundaries, it rebounds. The trend then moves in the other direction. These two boundaries are not set in stone, however. They can move if any big changes in the valuation of a cryptocurrency occur. This tends to happen after what is called a ‘breakout’. The currency will then find a new support ad resistance

There are several indicators one should look at when evaluating a currency for trading the crypto. This includes things like the moving average, Bollinger bands, a Stochastic, and a Relative Strength Index (RSI). For our purposes, as we are having a brief overview, we will look at the moving average. This indicates the average price of a currency over time. Trying to follow both the lows and highs of a currency can be confusing, although sometimes necessary. This average, however, makes looking at the overall trend easier.

Types of charts
There are several types of charts you can use to analyze the market. There are several, including a simple line bar, the open-high-low-close (OHLC), point-and-figure, and many others. However, the classic one you will have likely seen is the candlestick chart. It is the standard that most traders use today. This chart includes rectangles with lines from the top and bottom to show the highs and lows at a particular point. The rectangles are there for a clear indication of the direction a chart moves in. This is because they can be one of two different colors. Green represents an upturn, and red indicates a decrease in price.

Fundamental Analysis of crypto trading
Fundamental analysis involves taking a closer looking at a cryptocurrency. It involves looking deep into the inner workings of a currency and the environment it is in. Your goal is to find out how the market will likely value a cryptocurrency or how the economy could affect its price. The more attractive crypto is, the more likely people are going to acquire it. As more people acquire said crypto, the value will rise up. As the value rises up, a trader can sell this crypto for profit. A pretty understandable system overall.

The most important thing you should know is that the market does not hang in your opinion. You have to think as the general market does. If you believe that a feature of a cryptocurrency is not for you, you should at first think about how the market will value it.

Fundamental analysis does seem more intuitive than technical overall, as you are directly comparing people’s desires to the market. However, difficulties soon become apparent. There are far more factors you need to keep track of with fundamental analysis. There is also a lot of speculation involved. Making a profit soon becomes a lot harder. The charts may seem more intimidating at first, but once you understand them they are quite reliable.

Possible indicators
There are several things you will have to do for this kind of analysis. First, you have to consider the audience for particular crypto. Not every crypto can appeal to everyone, so you will have to see what the aims of particular crypto are. You will need to validate how well what the crypto offers fits with its target audience. Keep in mind that the crypto market is quite young. This could mean that cryptocurrencies will change audiences and people can value new currencies very quickly.

Look at anyone who may support the crypto, a partner. If a well-renowned company is backing crypto, they are likely to have the means to support that currency.

Due to the fact that it is an entirely digital form of currency, the internet is a great asset to you. You can look at reviews, forum posts where traders talk, all sorts of things as an indication.

Watching the news
Another thing to look at in the news. See what all the other cryptocurrencies are doing, if there are any new ones.

You should keep track of world news as well. Political and economic factors can have a huge effect on a crypto’s valuation. If a crypto is tied to another traditional currency, you will have to follow its valuation. See if a state supports legislation surrounding cryptos, and how this will affect their value. However, keep in mind that a crypto will react to these things quite differently from say, the forex market. These are non-traditional currencies not directly linked to any state. So, for example, if any economic emergencies occur, people may move to it as a safe-haven.

Significance of Web Link Structure in SEO

Link Structure is one of the processes of Search Engine Optimization (Search Engine Optimization). It made with two words, Web link + Structure. Web link suggests LINK or link which is a kind of Support Text. A link is a method for users to browse between pages on the web. Link Building is a process of getting hyperlinks from various other websites to our very own to ensure that individual can read or see related blog post or video. In simple words, it is a process of interlink of web pages of your own web site or interlink in between your site with various other. If you have genuine estate internet site than you can interlink those web sites that supply housing/commercial financing. This procedure called Link Building. It is a practice to promote your own site to other web sites.
Why Link Building needed:

When Google fetch entire web page of web site, it’s called crawling. Normally talking, the extra high-grade sites that connect to you, the more most likely you are to rank well in search results. It has so numerous links in every page and also the outcome is Wikipedia constantly on top in search engine.

Connect Building is a procedure which utilizes to boost traffic on your site and to reveal your web site on the top in search engine. Online search engine are Google, Yahoo, Bing, Baidu, etc. Search engines make use of links to creep the internet. Internet search engine will search the web links between the individual web pages on your web site and after that online search engine will creep the web links in between whole other internet sites.

How to get other sites to connect to you

There are few points of web link building approaches where you can obtain outside web sites connect to your own:

Material Creation & Promo– Material development is the most powerful device. Than individuals will normally want to reference and also web link to and do promotion regarding it. Reviews & Mentions– Put your item, service, or website in front of influencers of same sector so that they can also examine and can comment. This is additionally among the best tool. Hyperlinks from Buddies & Partners– Do promo of your website with individuals you understand and people you work with to connect to your site. These are some of the tools where you can function upon and you will obtain outcomes.

Link Anchor Text:

If there is a web link like “Go to End” as well as visitor clicks on this link, visitor will directly go to the end of the page. This link will certainly miss everything.

Instance of an anchor link.

If you have lots of search phrases of your web link in a single page than there are chances to obtain greater rank of that web page by search engines. If you get in “Click right here” web link in your message on internet page than there are a lot more opportunities for site visitors to visit your website.

Link Co-Occurrences:

Co-Occurrences are words or expressions that show up around your web link. Google treat co-Occurrences as “Child Anchor Text”.

Setting of Hyperlinks on the page

Link position on page is likewise very crucial. If you desire that visitor ought to click that web link since that web link’s info likewise assists to visitor than web link need to be in great placement. Link ought to remain in the main body of the web page or probably near the top of the web page and probably within some web content that explains the topic. Please avoid web link in the footer as numerous customers might not scroll down the web page. This point additionally checks by search engines. If the link remains in the footer of a page than online search engine could minimize the value of that link because search engine assume that this link is not so vital that’s why it is in the footer.

There are six essential steps of an effective link structure technique:

Know your target market/ consumer Make a listing of web sites which attract your wanted target market Compose fantastic web content in your words Suit content to sites Reach out to website owners Usage social networks to amplify your content

These crucial steps certainly assist you to develop your link building as well as will most definitely help to advertise your website

Link Building is a process which utilizes to boost web traffic on your website as well as to reveal your website on the top in search engine. Search engine will browse the links between the individual web pages on your site and after that look engine will creep the web links in between entire various other internet sites.

If there is a web link like “Go to Finish” and reader clicks on this web link, viewers will directly go to the end of the page. If you desire that reader should click that link because that web link’s info additionally helps to reader than web link must be in excellent setting. If the link is in the footer of a page than search engine might reduce the worth of that web link due to the fact that search engine presume that this web link is not so essential that’s why it is in the footer.

What Search Engine Optimization Way To Your Organisation

What Search Engine Optimization Way To Your Organisation
If we look again at the companies that have actually been given existence any time throughout the last ten years, truly handful of had a pre-outlined Online search engine advertising prepare. Nevertheless, several of them eventually realized that a Seo staff was important. Some of these got an in-property established, although some depended on the companies for their Online search engine advertising and marketing procedures.

The right Browse engine optimization (study motor optimization) strategy can alter the entire situation of exactly how an organisation does. In the majority of cases, the company individuals are unconscious about the Browse engine advertising facets. It is a solitary of the extremely the very least vital concerns on their to-do checklists as well as the cause for this is their absence of Look engine optimization understanding.

Internet search engine advertising or Seek Electric motor Optimization, stays to be a solitary of one of the most effective and also crucial marketing methods for any type of provided company. A superb Online search engine optimization approach will get your business to attain its overall possible bringing favorable tidings for your online supplier. There are a variety of benefits that you will reach value as a firm from Online search engine optimization.

Boosted targeted web traffic

There are more than a couple of Seo services that provide their companies and also, for this description, promising services and also brand-new website locate it more tough to know which one is proper for them. You can guide clear of generating problems by referring to other on the net organisations as well as sticking to important principles when you are just beginning. This way, you can minimize unneeded fees of selecting an Online search engine optimisation Business that is not suited for you.

There is practically nothing as critical for an on the internet organization as significant website visitors to the enterprise web site as well as this is what optimization will certainly provide for you. The much more obvious you are on the internet the much better the site visitors will be and also the a lot more the conversion prices you can get a kick out of. Study engine optimization focuses on generating insightful keyword pertinent short articles, title tags as well as even Meta summaries to guarantee that your web site shows on the top outcome web pages on online search engine. Enhanced summaries as well as tags raises your click-by means of prices as well as advertises seasoned world wide web website visitors to obtain your service far more worth.

Useful Study and Customization

You can say that a Seo company is appropriate for you just when the remedies it offers meet up with your company’s requirements. An effective research study end results to service personalization, which majority of Search engine optimization customers are looking for. It is just through rewarding analysis as well as customization that clients state that they are getting great value for their income.

The ideal Search engine optimisation (research study motor optimization) method can modify the whole circumstance of exactly how a company carries out. If we browse once more at the firms that have been brought to presence at any kind of time throughout the final 10 years, really handful of had a pre-outlined Browse engine advertising prepare. An outstanding Browse engine optimisation method will certainly get your organisation to accomplish its overall potential bringing positive tidings for your online producer. There are even more than a couple of Look engine optimization businesses that supply their companies and also, for this description, promising companies as well as new web websites find it extra difficult to understand which one is correct for them.

Find Out Exactly How To Enhance Your SEO With These Simple Tips

There are many even more social networking sites besides Twitter and Facebook. There are additionally on the internet teams and also web sites for people with certain passions that can help your web site accomplish acknowledgment.
PageRank increases are not simply regarding acquiring visitors, but in keeping them on your website. There is evidence that the more time an individual is on a website the higher ranked that site will certainly be.

Although there are many locations of Search Engine Optimization available, you need to choose just one to concentrate one. There is insufficient time to excel in all the numerous SEO methods, so pick one area that you such as and also master it.

Research study the quantity of time each company has stayed in business. In order to make an extensively looked into as well as educated decision, you need to be aware of the possible dangers involved in your choice.

Search engine optimization can be enhanced by switching your design of creating from AP to Search Engine Optimization. In other words, utilize the search phrases as frequently as you can without ruining the readability of the article. As the online search engine do their work by finding search phrases as well as putting a value on their density, you will find your positions boosting.

One of the most effective means to market your website is through a reliable seo process. You’ll experience a whole lot of website traffic visiting it every day if your website is highly rated by the various search engines. Right here are some tips to start, and to enhance your site’s ranking.

The simpler your internet site is to read, the most likely people are to return time and time again. Make sure you site is neatly created as well as accessible for a selection of customers if you desire to enhance your search engine position. Optimize your website for both visitors as well as online search engine.

Website maps as well as video clips are terrific chances to improve a site’s SEO. Get the video posted to your website as well as make certain it has excellent keywords connected to it. Next off, post the video on YouTube, Metacafe, Yahoo as well as other video clip websites.

Overall, Search Engine Optimization is necessary to success in web service. Use these tips for finding the best procedures as well as tools to use while overhauling your site to make it search-engine friendly. Overall, you need greater than Search Engine Optimization to make an effective site; you in fact need a well-designed site to back it up.

To assist you to rate highly on search engines you’ll require to make use of the meta tags for “Title”, “Summary”, and “Keywords”. Online search engine will be able to see these meta tags and you will show up in a much larger quantity of searches. An example is making use of the key phrases “spectacles” and “eyeglases” if your website is all about glasses.

Utilizing a product feed will provide your company a more noticeable visibility and also assistance draw more possible customers to your web site. These feeds consist of details concerning the product and services that you use, like prices and also item descriptions. Send these to comparisons sites for customers along with to online search engine. A feed visitor can additionally help consumers sign up for a feed.

Ensure that you have a great description tag, to make sure that internet search engine will certainly guide your target consumers to your internet site. Do not overdo it – 30 words at one of the most. Never ever look at 100 KB for this specific web page.

If your site is very rated by the various search engines, you’ll experience a great deal of traffic seeing it every day. Submit these to contrasts sites for customers as well as to search engines. There is proof that the more time an individual is on a website the higher rated that site will be. If you desire to enhance your search engine position, make certain you website is nicely made and also obtainable for a range of individuals. Website maps and also videos are terrific opportunities to improve a website’s SEO.